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operapark væksthus

Underground parking facility for the Opera Park

A romantic park is taking shape next to the Opera House in Copenhagen, where Areo Coating has just completed approximately 10,000 m2 of PU coating in the underground car park. Beneath the surface of the park is a modern, unique parking facility that offers convenient and comfortable parking for visitors to the park and the […]
pakhuskajen odense

Pakhuskajen in Odense

Residential development located on the east side of Odense harbor and directly on the promenade and harbor basin. The residential building is 31,000 m2 – 346 homes, divided into 3 blocks up to the 7th floor. In addition, commercial areas with, among other things, outward-looking functions, such as a café. Areo Undergulve performs subfloor construction […]
lidl hovedkontor

New headquarters for Lidl in Aarhus

Construction project for a total of 29,000 square meters of office, retail and parking garage. 13,500 m2 will be used for an office building for Lidl’s approximately 300 administrative staff. On the ground floor of the building, a 2,800 m2 shop and warehouse will be built. In addition, a 2,800 m2 basement including parking will […]

Jasminparken in Gistrup

Jasminparken consists of 69 two-storey terraced houses ranging in size from 115 to 145 m². Jasminparken is being built with the idea of bringing the original village atmosphere of Sønder Tranders into a modern architecture of Nordic style, so that both atmosphere, architecture and functionality come together. Areo Subfloors performs subflooring on 3,000 m2 – […]
simac i svendborg

The New Simac in Svenborg

In an exciting project, a 12,500 square meter educational building has been constructed for the new maritime educational institution in Svendborg. The ground plan of the building is designed as an intersection that forms four squares and opens up with public access to the shared facilities. Areo Undergulve has performed subflooring on 7,915 m2 on […]
Midtermolen nyborg

The central pier in Nyborg

New construction of apartment blocks corresponding to 2 buildings in Nyborg with 60 apartments on 4 floors. Construction has started in October 2021 at an estimated cost of DKK 60 million with a gross area of 5000 m². The client is Heimstaden Danmark Ejendomme A/S and the architect chosen is Skala Architecture A/S. The project […]
Samsøgade boliger

Samsøgade Housing in Aalborg

New construction of apartment blocks in Aalborg with 68 apartments on 5 floors. Construction began in November 2021 at an estimated cost of DKK 55 million with a gross area of 3650 m². The client is Ejendomsselskabet Samsøgade Aalborg ApS and the architect chosen is Ideal Arkitekter ApS. The work was carried out for Færch […]
B1 østre havn Aalborg

B1 Eastern Port of Aalborg

Residential construction of 5,500 m2 at the newly established Star Quarter at Østre Havn in Aalborg – close to the city center and right next to the Limfjord. The building contains 78 apartments incl. private balcony / terrace and shared roof terrace and with a common room on the ground floor. The architectural expression of […]
lighthouse aarhus

Subfloors for Lighthouse

With the laying of no less than 31,500 m2 of subfloor, we can proudly call ourselves part of the iconic landmark on Aarhus Ø. The Lighthouse consists of 3 buildings with 395 apartments on 45 floors and, at an impressive 142 meters, is the tallest building in Denmark. Construction began in April 2019 at an […]
ældreboliger hundige

40 homes for the elderly in Hundige

The building’s gross floor area of 2915 m² is divided into 32 two-room dwellings and 8 three-room dwellings, as well as a common room. The buildings are designed as 2 units. L-shaped buildings of varying heights up to 3 storeys. Areo Undergulve has carried out subfloors on 1,100 m2 distributed on the 1st-2nd floor.
aab 25 skovlunde

New construction for Boligforeningen AAB AFD. 45

39 new social housing units at Lilletoften in Skovlunde for AAB afd. 45. The project comprises 7 residential rows with 39 terraced houses on 1 and 2 levels with associated storage rooms and pram sheds etc. The building has been designed based on a holistic approach to sustainability, giving equal weight to economic, environmental and […]
plejeboliger ølstykke

Plejeboliger in Ølstykke

78 social care homes at Dam Holme in Ølstykke. The gross floor area of the building is 5,804 m² and contains 20 dwellings on the ground floor, 29 dwellings on the 1. and 2nd floor – as well as common facilities and communal service areas. Areo A/S carried out the entire floor renovation – from […]
børne- og kulturhus høje taastrup

Children’s and cultural center in Høje-Taastrup

Children’s and cultural center with daycare, school and cultural facilities to replace the partially burned down Selsmoseskole, which is located on the outskirts of Taastrupgaard. The building houses both day care centers and a school, as well as the municipality’s music school, art school and drama school, and has a total area of 9,100 m2. […]
syrenbakken aalborg

Det Nye Syrenbakken – Housing for handicapped

An exciting institutional building that will create a house with a high degree of homeliness for each resident and their relatives. The project involves the construction of a residential facility with 36 dwellings. The building is constructed as a four-storey building with a courtyard in the middle. The building also contains offices for staff, training […]
enghusene sporbyen randers

Enghusene Y and Z in Randers

Exciting housing project in Randers, Enghusene Y & Z. Building Y consists of 57 senior housing units with a common house with kitchen, common room, extra rooms with bathrooms, workshop and exercise room. In total, there is an area of approximately 4,800 m². Building Z consists of 39 dwellings with a total area of approximately […]
skrænten nørresundby

New construction of 24 multi-storey dwellings

New construction of 24 multi-storey dwellings in Thisted. The building will be built on 3 floors. All homes have their own balcony, and there is an elevator in the building and parking spaces for the tenants. Areo Undergulve has laid 600 m2 of subflooring on the first and second floor.
microsoft p-kælder

PU coating in the underground car park of Microsoft headquarters

We have entered into a contract with Hoffmann A/S to carry out approx. 10,000 m2 of colored PU coating in the parking basement under Microsoft’s headquarters in Kgs. Lyngby. Durable and crack-bridging PU coating We have used Areo Cardeck ID, which is a durable, waterproof and crack-bridging polyurethane coating for indoor use. Areo Cardeck ID […]
peter rørdamsvej boligbyggeri

Youth housing on Peter Rørdamsvej in København NV

Areo Undergulve is carrying out the subfloor covering of 1,100 m2 (1st-3rd floor) on this project in Copenhagen NV, located on the corner of Peter Rørdamsvej and Tuborgvej. The construction project includes 54 youth housing units, 1,328 m2 of underground parking and a LIDL grocery store.
stenvænget boligbyggeri

Stenvænget in Stenløse

The housing development in Stenløse consists of three 4-storey tower blocks with a total of 46 new homes. Areo Undergulve has laid 3,400 m2 of subflooring on the ground floor – 3rd floor and common rooms.
læringshus skolebyggeri undergulv

Learning house Nærheden in Høje-Taastrup

With Læringshus Nærheden, Høje-Taastrup Municipality wanted to build the first primary school in Denmark designed from the ground up for the future of teaching and learning. The 15,500 m2 school project houses Grades 0 to 9 in five tracks, as well as a day care center and a sports hall. The project was completed in […]
sporbyen, randers

Exclusive housing project at Sporbyen in Randers

The project at Sporbyen in Randers is divided into three stages totaling 10,475 m2 and 108 dwellings. Areo Undergulve has delivered and installed subfloors in 26 homes on the ground – 4th floor.

New Lounge in ice hockey arena in Esbjerg

Laying CEM FLYT SNABB with an average placement height of 40 mm – a fast-setting liquid mortar that is ready for use after 2 days.

New Campus for IBA Business Academy in Kolding

Laying of 3 mm sound underlay (Scan Underlay) with sound separation between rooms and corridors. Laying of RONASIL 1030 slurry mortar, with an average laying height of 40 mm.

Amagerværket BIO4 – Copenhagen S

Laying on part of the areas: 3 mm sound dew Scan Underlay and Underfloor heating plates – on which plumbing installs heating hoses.
Friplejehjem Aalborg undergulv

Residential care homes in Aalborg

In the eastern part of Aalborg, a 5,244 square meter independent care home has been built. The independent care home has a total of 56 housing units divided into three units, a large production kitchen, living areas, wellness and exercise facilities, etc. Areo Undergulve has installed subfloors on 3,500 m2 distributed on the ground floor […]

PU floor at Ny Rosenvænget school, Viborg

We have carried out approx. 375 m2 of polyurethane coating at Ny Rosenvænget Skole in Viborg. Areo PU Comfort Plus is used, which is an approximately 4 mm highly comfortable PU floor covering with a built-in elastic coating in liquid form. The resilient coating ensures an exceptionally high level of walking comfort in the laid […]

Sport 24’s new headquarters

Sport 24 has built a new head office in Funder, close to the Silkeborg highway. We have carried out seamless coatings in most of the new office building. The flooring is designed to match the raw concrete exterior of the head office. Offices and canteen In the offices and canteen, we have installed Areo PU […]

Injection and carbon fiber reinforcement at New Herlev Hospital

Herlev Hospital is one of the Capital Region of Denmark’s major emergency hospitals, serving 435,000 citizens. To create a modern and functional framework for the best treatment, Herlev Hospital is being expanded by approximately 60,000 m2. In this context, we have carried out the injection of approximately 25,000 m2 of concrete floor and the re-establishment […]

Sunset Boulevard in Odense

In the summer of 2021, Sunset Boulevard opened their new restaurant in Odense. When the restaurant opened its doors, staff and visitors alike stepped onto Areo seamless flooring. Areo EP StructureIn the kitchen, staff room and counter Areo EP Structure, a slip-resistant epoxy coating with colored sand, was used. The coating is waterproof and suitable […]

Harild House

Harild Hus is a six-storey office building with retail space on the ground floor. The building has a total area of approximately 7,000 m2 and is located in the heart of Carlsberg Byen. Harild Hus was built in 2018 and its architecture fits in with the existing industrial surroundings that characterize Carlsberg Byen. We have […]

Underground parking garage Hotel Scandic Kødbyen

Hotel Scandic Kødbyen, also known as Hotel Firkanten, is one of Copenhagen’s largest conference hotels with 370 rooms and 11 meeting and conference rooms. We have carried out subfloors and seamless coatings in the newly constructed underground parking garage under the hotel, as well as the design of the hotel’s 161 parking spaces. The work […]

Design flooring at Copenhagen Business Park

Copenhagen Business Park in Avedøre is Denmark’s longest office building. The building is 300 meters long and has a total lettable area of 67,000 m2. Copenhagen Business Park is undergoing a major modernization. The ambition is for the office building to emerge as an attractive and recognized business center for modern companies. The leases are […]

Dog house in Frederikssund

We have delivered flooring from bottom to top in Frederikssund’s “biggest dog house”.The dog house is the name of 18 rental apartments where tenants are required to have a dog.Everything about the construction and layout of the apartments is designed to accommodate the tenants’ dogs.Therefore, floors in homes need to be hard-wearing and easy to […]

Underground parking garage Krøyers Plads

Krøyers Plads is a residential development with unique and exclusive condominiums in the heart of Copenhagen, with the city’s best location and architecture in a class of its own. All condominiums come with a parking space, as an underground parking garage has been established under the entire property. All owners are covered by Ejerforeningen Krøyers […]

Åbyen dormitory

The developer Kollegiekontoret in Aarhus has built Åbyen Kollegiet, which comprises 202 homes with associated communal facilities. The dwellings are built in 3 blocks of 6 floors and 1 block of 5 floors. The accommodation is intended for some of the city’s many students. The main contractor for the project is JCN Bolig. Areo was […]

Parking facilities Europaskolen Carlsberg Byen

The developer Carlsberg Byen has built the European School for the City of Copenhagen, with bam danmark as the turnkey contractor. The school is built centrally in Carlsberg Byen between old buildings worthy of preservation, taking into account the many surrounding listed buildings and against the well-known landmark of the Elephant Gate. The underground parking […]

Parking facilities in Ørestad City

Parking facilities / underground parking in Ørestad City. Ørestad City is the district in Ørestad where many companies move to due to its advantageous location between the airport and Copenhagen’s old city center. It is also here, centrally located in Ørestad City, that the Norwegian-owned KLP Ejendomme A/S built an eight-storey office building back in […]

Curling rink in Esbjerg

Painting an ice hockey rink or a curling rink is one of the exciting tasks for our flooring installers, where the playfulness comes to the fore. This was also the case with the curling rink in Esbjerg, where houses and lines also had to be marked on the rink. The flooring system best suited for […]

Renovation of office space at Kastellet

Renovation of exciting office space. Renovation of the flooring in a historic building at the Kastellet, which is being converted into office space. The old historic building with charming rooms and exposed beams behind Østerport station in Copenhagen has most recently been the setting for DSB’s training and conference activities. The floor was previously covered […]

Flooring for creative hairdressing salon

When the hair salon and tanning center were renovated, the task was to unite both departments into one large hair salon with a floor that oozes creativity and originality. The floor had to withstand a lot of traffic, and cleaning had to be quick and easy. There were small damages and wounds in the old […]

DSV’s new global headquarters

Jointless flooring at DSV’s new global headquarters is from Areo. The 4-storey building, with a total area of 16,000 m2, provides 700 workplaces. The aim of the workplace design was to create a healthy and user-friendly environment with a calm atmosphere. All surfaces, such as acoustic balcony edges, claddings on the cores, ceilings and floors […]

New youth housing in Aarhus

128 new youth housing units on Bispehavevej in Aarhus. During 2013-15, 128 new youth housing units were built on Bispehavevej. Twelve of them are earmarked as mothers’ dormitories – a new phenomenon in Aarhus. Mothers’ dormitories are places where young mothers can live while studying. Access to the homes is via a special four-storey atrium […]

Hammel Sports Halls

The client wanted a floor covering that is softer than epoxy, with more colors in dark shades and a certain degree of slip resistance. As requested, so it happened. A special blend of polyurethane wear layer and a layer of gloss polyurethane interspersed with flakes in shades of gray, black and white, sealed with a […]

The New University Hospital

Polyurethane floors at the New University Hospital. Hospital flooring in DNU, section S1, Laboratory building – Flooring requirements: A flooring system approved for healthcare, with high hygiene, durability and easy to clean with a matt surface. A comfortable solution for places where you stand up a lot and for walkways. Solution: Areo PU Comfort polyurethane […]

Office hotel NOHO

Creative office hotel environment in Kødbyen, Copenhagen. NOHO is a creative office hotel located in the contrasting surroundings of Kødbyen, centrally located in the heart of Copenhagen, just 100 meters from its sister office hotel SOHO. The atmosphere of NOHO reflects its surroundings with a creative, lively and social environment where the expectation is that […]

Strong epoxy floors for Welltec

Welltec – production and storage. Areo floor installers have installed two types of flooring in Welltec. Areo MDP Dust Binding, which is an acrylate emulsion for membrane curing and dust binding. A form of impregnation to ensure a dust-free surface. The impregnation suppresses dust and facilitates cleaning of raw concrete. A relatively inexpensive solution that […]

Red epoxy floor for the Ferrari

Epoxy floor for the garage: A very unusual job that brought out the inner child in our floor fitter, who was allowed to unfold. Because what do you do when you’re completely, well, COMPLETELY lost in your Ferrari? You don’t just make a garage for it, but a whole Ferrari world to make sure the […]

Operating rooms at Silkeborg Hospital

Operating rooms at Silkeborg Hospital: A unique solution that combines the aesthetics and chemical resistance of the flooring in a unique system that meets the requirements for attractive cleanrooms. Silkeborg Hospital tried other types of flooring before settling on Areo Clinic PU Terrazzo. The project will be carried out in 5 stages so that the […]

Ørsted Energy in Ballerup

Epoxy flooring for warehouses, canteen kitchens, transformer workshops and car repair shops. Areo EP Structure is a strong coating based on solvent-free epoxy, fully bedded with polyurethane colored sand, laid in thicknesses of 2-4 mm. The system is chosen when extra high slip resistance is required. Areo EP Structure is suitable for more demanding industries, […]

Gammelgårds School

Creation of new toilet and corridor areas including floor design decals in connection with the refurbishment. Requirements for the floor: In connection with the project’s establishment of new toilet and corridor areas, the architects behind the project(Nodo Arkitekter) wanted to strengthen the creativity of the children as users by incorporating play and creative labels in […]


The new epoxy floor of the Lagkagehuset. The local Lagkagehuset store in Skive faced the challenge of finding a floor that was both easy to clean and not too slippery to walk on, while also being able to withstand a lot of trolley traffic. The decision was made for a seamless floor, which solved all […]

Train Nightclub in Aarhus

Train – the country’s leading music venue and nightclub, Aarhus has received polyurethane flooring from Areo. Train in Aarhus – a nightclub where the floor also plays. The people behind one of the country’s leading nightclubs wanted to create “a play” not only on stage, but also in the surroundings, specifically on the floor. With […]

Carlsberg bottling halls

Carlsberg bottling halls in Fredericia. In a bottling hall, it is crucial to choose a material with high durability because it is a place that is exposed to high loads. The chosen system must have waterproof properties, be easy to clean and withstand heavy-duty detergents. Areo carries out ongoing renovations at Carlsberg. In this case, […]

New build yellow epoxy floor

Single-family house – kitchen, hallway, shower room and living room. What to do when you want a floor with a prominent colorAnd what do you do when you want your floor to reflect your colorful personality, not to mention the color of the sneakers you’re wearing? You think outside the box and find solutions in […]

House of Natural Sciences

The House of Natural Sciences in Bjerringbro. Floor requirements: The House of Natural Sciences is a development and visitor center. A national laboratory with the ambition to strengthen the interest in science and technology for children and young people through challenging activities. Based on a local initiative, the House has been developed as a local/national […]

The Blue Planet

The Blue Planet has Areo flooring. Requirements for the floor: The DBP project team wanted a floor covering with a strong focus on durability to cope with many visitors, aesthetics and color options to enhance the overall experience and in line with the aquatic environment. At the same time, the floor had to be suitable […]

Family house with polyurethane flooring

Polyurethane flooring in a creative family of 4. Areo PU Comfort Plus – polyurethane coating with floating rubber mat. When a family is used to thinking creatively, the floor in your home is no exception. And when other requirements come into play, such as durability, high walking comfort and sound-absorbing abilities, without compromising on aesthetics […]

Stereo Studio

12 Stereo Studio stores across Denmark. With specialty stores throughout Denmark, Stereo Studio is a well-known concept among fans of music, movies and computer games. Stereo Studio is conscious of giving customers the right first impression and has chosen to cover the floors in 12 stores with Areo Stone. This has allowed them to create […]

ARoS “Your Rainbow Panorama”

ARoS chose Areo PU Comfort. ARoS is an art museum that wants to give its many visiting guests a high value experience. For “Your Rainbow Panorama”, the customer chose Areo PU Comfort as the coating reflects the established color codes of the artwork. The covering is comfortable, sound-absorbing and allows Olafur Eliasson’s artwork to be […]

Blue Water headquarters in Esbjerg

New office domicile at Blue Water in Esbjerg. Areo EP Terrazzo was chosen for Blue Water’s new office headquarters in Esbjerg. The flooring is durable, unique and easy to maintain. The Areo EP Terrazzo flooring is designed with a compass rose in the foyer, creating a presentable environment that welcomes employees and guests. In collaboration […]

New coating for Maersk Training

New pool and flooring for Maersk Training in Esbjerg. The density of the pool is one of the most important factors when it comes to surfacing a training pool. This was the task at hand on the training pool at Maersk. In addition, Areo has carried out coatings around the basin and painted the technical […]
areo office

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