Operating rooms at Silkeborg Hospital

Project description

Operating rooms at Silkeborg Hospital: A unique solution that combines the aesthetics and chemical resistance of the flooring in a unique system that meets the requirements for attractive cleanrooms. Silkeborg Hospital tried other types of flooring before choosing Areo Clinic PU Terrazzo. The project will be carried out in 5 stages so that the implementation does not affect daily operations and does not occupy all operating rooms at the same time.

This unique flooring system is characterized by robust polyurethane resin technology with outstanding resistance to aggressive chemicals and high temperatures, combined with aesthetic terrazzo. Areo Clinic PU Terrazzo has an easy-to-clean surface that provides a safe and attractive floor in cleanrooms. Areo Clinic PU Terrazzo floors are dense and impermeable to liquids and provide an ideal floor covering in all predominantly dry cleanroom and processing environments in the pharmaceutical industry and other locations where an attractive terrazzo floor is required. BASF Chemicals is the supplier of materials for this flooring system.

silkeborg sygehus



Silkeborg Sygehus



Size of the project

Approx. 215 m² with cavity

Floor system

Areo Clinic PU Terrazzo
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