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We help you – from foundation to top

Areo’s experts are ready to talk to you about subfloors, injection, membranes and seamless floors. If you only need help with one part, we are happy to cooperate with other suppliers. Based on your project requirements, we present you with a number of options so that you can choose the right solution for your project.

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We offer seamless coatings for a wide range of different industries. In addition to the most well-known coatings – epoxy coatings, we also lay polyurethane, acrylic, seamless terrazzo and design floors.

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Subfloors are a generic term for a surface that forms a substrate for the floor proper. At Areo Subfloors, we are experts in poured subfloors – including foam concrete and floating mortar.


Areo injects when concrete cracks, becomes porous or is affected by water. Sealing/closing of voids and cracks in concrete, masonry, foundations.

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Membranes ensure that water and moisture do not damage the construction. This applies to construction such as parking decks, terraces, bridges, foundations and many more.

Seamless floors

The term epoxy is often used in connection with floors as a general term for floor coverings made of synthetic materials. The floor coverings are characterised by non-existent joints, extreme wear resistance, robustness and durability. All of the qualities required from industry, for which the products were originally developed. The possibilities of application have long since exceeded the limits of industry. You can use epoxy or other joint-free coatings on the vast majority of situations.

Besides the most well-known coatings – epoxy coatings, Areo also installs other types of seamless floor coatings – polyurethane (PU), seamless terrazzo, design/cement and floating mortars, acrylics and various solutions for concrete grinding. See the overview of all of our seamless floors and choose your floor based on your needs.

We are authorised in all our product areas and the systems we use are characterised by the fact that long durability, hygiene, aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand.

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Subfloors are a common term for a continuous surface that acts as a base for the actual floor covering. Execution of the subfloor should, to the greatest extent possible, be included in the overall contract so that the responsibility for the execution with regard to the construction’s appearance and usability is upheld.

Floating mortar subfloors are a self-leveling subfloor construction. Note that it is the subfloor that is the basis for the finished floor’s functional properties.

AREO uses a pump truck laying method, because it is time-consuming to level the floor with a mixing bucket and beater. Save time and use AREO’s cement-based or gypsum-based floating mortars delivered directly from a pump truck.

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What is injection? Sealing/closing of voids and cracks in concrete, masonry, foundations.

Areo injects when concrete cracks, becomes porous or is affected by water. Cracks in concrete must be stopped in time before they become permanent. Injection of cracks in concrete is carried out with epoxy or polyurethane under high pressure, so that it becomes dense, strong and resistant again.

Injection is a faster alternative to reinforcement than replacing entire concrete structures and concrete surfaces. Injection is also for carrying out major maintenance work on walls and floors.

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Membrane is a coating that prevents the penetration of water into structures. This applies to structures such as parking decks, basement decks, roof gardens, terraces, ramps, tunnels, bridges, foundations, where membranes need to protect against water ingress.


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