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Terrazzo flooring

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Terazzo flooring – limited only by your imagination

Terrazzo is a material that has traditionally been used for flooring and, despite its hard surface, it allows you to let your imagination run wild. Terrazzo originated in Italy and is made from shards of marble that can be bonded together with cement. After a few days of curing, wet or dry sand the coating.

Old tradition in new clothes

Terrazzo flooring is an ancient technique used in ancient Greece and Italy. Originally, terrazzo was bonded together with cement. In Areo, we bond it with Epoxy. It offers a faster curing time compared to traditional terrazzo and it provides a more flexible floor, which means you can create larger surfaces without the floor cracking.

Terrazzo flooring is a grout-free floor that is easy to maintain and clean and its high chemical resistance makes it suitable for construction projects that require high hygiene standards, such as hospitals, operating rooms, industrial kitchens, restaurants, etc.

The only limit is creativity

With a terrazzo floor, it is possible to add your own personal touch to the design of the floor. For example, you can have your company’s logo molded into the floor, an exciting pattern or something else. Unlike a painted logo, the molded design provides a durable surface so the pattern remains intact for years to come.


Aesthetic appearance, providing a stylish and attractive environment

Wide range of aggregates

Possibility to cast various parts. patterns / logos in

Good chemical resistance

Easy to maintain and clean


Durable surface

Faster curing time compared to traditional terrazzo

Leave your next terrazzo project to us

Areo’s terrazzo flooring is bonded together with epoxy and can be wet or dry sanded after a single day, leaving a durable and grout-free floor

Selected Terrazzo projects

“The work has been carried out in a generally high quality and Areo has been a professional partner for JCN Bolig.”

Lars Juul Andersen, JCN Bolig

More about Terrazzo

Why choose terrazzo?

In addition to the hard-wearing properties of terrazzo flooring, it is also easy to maintain. In the unfortunate event of superficial scratches or marks on the floor, these can be removed with a scrubbing machine and soft scouring pads. Moreover, terrazzo flooring can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Maintenance of terrazzo flooring

To prolong the life of the floor, it is recommended to wax the floor annually. For high-traffic areas, such as airports, it is recommended to wax two to three times a year. The terrazzo floor can be cleaned with a washing machine and mop.

Why choose Areo for your next terazzo project?

At Areo, we have over 30 years of experience in laying terrazzo floors. Our experts are always on hand to give you advice and guidance on which type of flooring to choose. And of course, we are ready to take care of the installation of your terrazzo floor.

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