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Project description

When the hair salon and tanning center were renovated, the task was to unite both departments into one large hair salon with a floor that oozes creativity and originality. The floor had to withstand a lot of traffic, and cleaning had to be quick and easy. There were small damages and wounds in the old floor and you could see where the walls had been before.

But instead of hiding the history of the floor and the building under a new coating, the owner – a very creative hairdresser – chose to let the floor stand out with all its imperfections as a small work of art.

The floor was therefore diamond sanded and filled where damaged and treated with transparent dust binding. Finally, it was topped with a solvent-free colorless epoxy, which is completely glossy and transparent and brings out the depth effect.

The result? An artistic and inspiring floor that suits the space and purpose. And it’s really easy to keep clean.

Areo Betonslibning - Salon Aarhus




Kirsten Christensen Hairdressing salon



Size of the project

approx. 100 m2

Floor system

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