Design flooring at Copenhagen Business Park

Project description

Copenhagen Business Park in Avedøre is Denmark’s longest office building. The building is 300 meters long and has a total lettable area of 67,000 m2.

Copenhagen Business Park is undergoing a major modernization. The ambition is for the office building to emerge as an attractive and recognized business center for modern companies.

The leases are designed to meet the needs and requirements of each company. There is a showroom where potential tenants can see how each individual space can be transformed into a rustic and innovative office with high-quality designer flooring.

Areo Plano Design

We have laid design flooring at Copenhagen Business Park in connection with the remodeling of the 4th floor.

For the project, we have used Areo Plano Design, a cement-based seamless floor where the surface is sealed with a transparent surface coating instead of an actual floor covering. The floor can be dyed in different natural colors, is durable and easy to clean. Areo Plano Design is suitable for offices, shops, institutions and galleries where the desire is for a unique floor with a rustic surface and a stylish visual expression, just like Copenhagen Business Park has received.

Areo Design flooring at Copenhagen Business Park





Size of the project

approx. 1.600 m2

Floor system

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