Injection and carbon fiber reinforcement at New Herlev Hospital

Project description

Herlev Hospital is one of the Capital Region of Denmark’s major emergency hospitals, serving 435,000 citizens. To create a modern and functional framework for the best treatment, Herlev Hospital is being expanded by approximately 60,000 m2. In this context, we have carried out the injection of approximately 25,000 m2 of concrete floor and the re-establishment of soundproofing.

Why injecting?
When concrete cracks, becomes porous or affected by water, time and money can be saved by injecting rather than replacing the entire concrete structure. It is possible to restore the original strength and function of structures when cracks are properly sealed with the right products.

Carbon fiber reinforcement
For extra reinforcement at the doors, we have used carbon fiber rods.
Concrete structures that are cracked or porous can also be reinforced with carbon fiber. Carbon fiber has a higher strength and lower density compared to traditional reinforcement materials such as steel. In addition, carbon fiber does not corrode, which increases the lifespan of the structure.

Quality assurance
We work systematically on quality assurance. All work carried out is documented in quality assurance documents detailing consumption, materials and time. That is why the work at Herlev Hospital is the cheapest in terms of cost.

Injection at the New Herlev Hospital
Carbon fiber reinforcement



Herlev Hospital



Size of the project

Total approx. 25.000 m2

Floor system

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Epoxy floors

Polyurethane flooring
Acrylic flooring
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Terrazzo flooring
worker laying subfloor


Foam concrete

Wear layer

Slurry mortar

Underfloor heating panels (EPS)

Design flooring
Injection Herlev Hospital



membrane being laid


Membrane coatings

Bridge membranes

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