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There are many possibilities with a seamless floor

Seamless flooring has become increasingly popular in recent years. And for good reason. In addition to being durable, robust and easy to clean, a seamless floor can easily be adapted to different needs. Whether it’s floor design, chemical cleaning requirements or heavy vehicle loads, there’s a solution to suit your needs.

Besides the most well-known coatings – epoxy coatings – Areo installs other types of seamless floor coatings as well – polyurethane (PU), seamless terrazzo, design/cement and floating mortars, acrylics and various solutions for concrete grinding. See an overview of all our seamless floors and choose your floor based on your specific needs.


The advantage of choosing a jointless floor is that it is a long-lasting solution that does not require much maintenance. There are many different uses and it can be designed to reflect your company’s design profile. In addition, a joint-free floor ensures better hygiene, as dirt and grime do not collect in cracks and joints.


Epoxy floors


Polyurethane flooring


Acrylic flooring


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Terrazzo flooring

The floor coverings are characterised by non-existent joints, extreme wear resistance, robustness and durability

The possibilities of application have long since exceeded the limits of industry. You can use epoxy or other joint-free coatings on the vast majority of situations.

“We know from a large number of projects how important the acoustics in office environments are for employees’ well-being and efficiency. Among other things, there is a need for solutions that dampen noise from footfall, and Areo’s products are among the leaders here. Therefore, their floor covering PU Comfort -16 dB was our recommendation for the client”.

Thomas Sørensen, partner and responsible for production at Arpe & Kjeldsholm, was project manager at Winge Hus in Carlsberg Byen

More about seamless floors

One floor, many options

We offer seamless coatings for a wide variety of industries including Office & Domestic, Public Buildings, Parking, Exhibition, Shops & Restaurants. Industry & Manufacturing, Healthcare & Hospitals, Offices, Public Buildings, Car Parks, Shops & Restaurants. There are many different industries with many different needs, but all with the same desire for a floor that is durable, easy to maintain, and where design and functionality are tailored to their specific needs.

What should I choose?

There are many different types of seamless floors. At Areo we offer a wide range, including Epoxy floors, Polyurethane floors, Seamless Terrazzo, Design/Cement and Floating mortar, Acrylic etc. Our nationwide experts are ready to guide you on which type of seamless flooring to choose for your next construction project.

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Areo Coating

We are a company from central Jutland that supplies everything within joint-free coatings for construction projects throughout Denmark.

We care about flooring and we always go the extra mile to ensure the best quality.

With over 30 years of experience in the flooring industry, we have a vast knowledge of seamless coatings.

We have hand-picked our suppliers, including Flowcrete, and we only use flooring systems that are highly durable, long-lasting and meet the requirements of the construction industry. Hygiene, aesthetics and functionality are also important keywords for us.

We advise and help you every step of the way to choose the right seamless coating for your floor.

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