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Modern office environments

Stylish seamless flooring for offices

Offices and headquarters reflect corporate culture. A healthy indoor climate, good acoustics and beautiful surroundings are just some of the many demands placed on modern office environments.

Modern offices have high demands in terms of functionality, appearance, durability, indoor climate, hygiene and noise reduction. These are just some of the things to consider when choosing the flooring for your future office.

The joints in a floor are the weakest point of the floor, both in terms of strength but also in terms of hygiene. The joints collect dust and dirt, and a new grouted floor can quickly look dull. A joint-free floor in either epoxy or polyurethane avoids dirty joints. It’s easy to maintain and many of our coatings can withstand up to over 100 degrees cleaning.



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Polyurethane flooring at DSV Kontor


DSV’s new global headquarters

The floors laid by Areo consist mainly of polyurethane, which, with its unique properties, helps to contribute to a subdued sound environment.

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Noise-reducing and slip-resistant

In an office environment, employee well-being matters a lot. Therefore, you can choose for example our Areo PU Comfort -16dB. A coating that reduces the sound of busy phones, fast footsteps and keyboard keys. Much to the delight of employees. The coating provides good acoustics in a modern office, where there are often many smooth surfaces.

A seamless floor also gives a much more modern look than, for example, a carpet made from fabric. With a noise-reducing coating, you can achieve almost the same effect as a carpet, but with a much more modern look, much easier to maintain and much more durable.

In an office, it is also about safety. Several of our coatings have a slip-resistant effect to ensure the best possible safety for employees and to avoid slips and falls in the workplace as far as possible.

Design and aesthetics

For office workers, it’s perhaps mostly the functionality that matters. But for external customers and visitors, it can be crucial that they are greeted by a welcoming space.

When you choose a floor in either epoxy or polyurethane, you’re signaling that you’ve thought about the details. It is possible, with most of our Areo products, to choose exactly the (RAL) colors that suit your company, which gives a really good overall impression.

If you want to be creative and create a unique floor with different textures and colors, polyurethane is a great solution. If, on the other hand, you want a more industrial look like a New York floor, epoxy is the right solution.

Ucrete® Certified

At Areo we are certified in using Ucrete products. Ucrete has over 50 years of experience in making seamless flooring products and is a market leader in terms of quality.

In addition, several of Ucrete’s products have the following certifications, among others: USGBC, BMG, Indoor Air Comfort and BRE.

Over 30 years of experience

Areo Coating has over 30 years of experience in advising and installing seamless flooring solutions. We are always ready to give you the best guidance.

With our years of experience, we know that there is a difference between synthetic floors. That's why we use our experience to align expectations with our customers. This way, we can best guide our customers on what is the right flooring solution for them. Whatever your needs and ideas.

Because no two floors are the same. They have the same characteristics, but in terms of design, no two floors will ever be exactly the same.

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