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Many benefits of choosing seamless flooring in the retail industry

The floor space of a shop, restaurant or showroom is a large and highly visible area of the premises and therefore has a significant signaling value in terms of the customer’s shopping experience.

Do you want a pop of colour and pattern? Want a raw and rustic concrete look? Or does it fit better into the store concept with a more discreet and elegant look? With Areo, you get a seamless floor that matches your individual wishes.

A wealth of combinations for retail and exhibitions

Seamless flooring offers a multitude of combinations and is a great replacement for linoleum, vinyl and carpets, which can quickly look worn out. Plus, seamless floors are easy to keep clean. This saves both time and cleaning products.

Aesthetics and easier cleaning are not the only benefits of seamless floors. It is also possible to choose a coating that is noise-reducing and helps to improve the acoustics in the room, while making it more comfortable for employees to walk and stand on for long hours at a time.


Raw and rustic concrete look

Discreet and elegant look

Easy to clean


Possibilities for individual designs

polyurethane flooring for Train Nightclub


Train Nightclub in Aarhus

The people behind one of the country’s leading nightclubs wanted to create “a play” not only on stage, but also in the surroundings, specifically on the floor. With seamless flooring, the only limit is your imagination. Polyurethane flooring was therefore chosen, which is the type of seamless floor covering that is sound- and noise-reducing. This means that it does not reflect sound and is therefore optimal for good acoustics in the room.

DSV’s new global headquarters

The floors laid by Areo consist mainly of polyurethane, which, with its unique properties, helps to contribute to a subdued sound environment.

Over 30 years of experience

Areo Coating has over 30 years of experience in advising and installing seamless flooring solutions. We are always ready to give you the best guidance.

With our years of experience, we know that there is a difference between synthetic floors. That's why we use our experience to align expectations with our customers. This way, we can best guide our customers on what is the right flooring solution for them. Whatever your needs and ideas.

Because no two floors are the same. They have the same characteristics, but in terms of design, no two floors will ever be exactly the same.

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