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Acrylic flooring

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Acrylic flooring – Approved for everything from the food industry to bridges


Acrylic flooring is suitable for a wide variety of industries with many different needs and requirement specifications. Acrylic floors are characterized by the fast curing time and the ability to cure at sub-zero temperatures. Therefore, acrylic is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Acrylic flooring has a hard-wearing and non-slip surface that is also waterproof.

Like both our epoxy and polyurethane floors, it is possible to choose from a wide range of colors to meet both functional and design requirements.

An acrylic floor is food-approved and therefore suitable for industrial kitchens, slaughterhouses, dairies, etc. The non-slip surface helps to minimize falls in the workplace. Also the pharmaceutical industry, cellulose and chemical plants, printing houses, schools, commercial kitchens and wet room departments are among the customer segments, as well as sales and showrooms with high surface finish requirements.

Because acrylic has a fast setting time and the ability to cure at sub-zero temperatures, it is also ideal for outdoor coatings. At Areo, we have several different types of acrylic, which are suitable as membrane coatings for paths and road bridges, for example.


Fast and short drying time

Cures even at minus temperatures


High abrasion resistance


Easy to clean

Acrylic flooring meets any requirement for strength, mechanical wear, surface texture and appearance

Two-hour cure time and the ability to cure at sub-zero temperatures are some of the most important properties of acrylic. Acrylic, with its waterproof properties, non-slip surface and high abrasion resistance, is approved for the food industry.

Selected Acrylic projects

“The board of the owners’ association Krøyers Plads expresses its satisfaction with Areo’s professional work.”

Underground parking garage Krøyers Plads Copenhagen

More about Acrylic flooring

Fast curing time – move on quickly in the process

Acrylic flooring meets requirements for strength, mechanical wear, surface texture and appearance. A curing time of two hours, after which the acrylic floor can be walked on, so you can either get started in your business or it is possible to move forward in the construction process.

What does an acrylic floor cost?

As with all our other products, it is not possible to give a concrete price for an acrylic floor. There are many factors that go into making an award. These include the size of the project, the number of square meters, the number of rooms and much more. But we are always ready to make you a non-binding offer. Our experienced professionals are happy to come and inspect the site to make sure you get the right guidance.

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