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Polyurethane flooring

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Comfortable &

Polyurethane flooring – comfortable, durable and with many design possibilities

Polyurethane – or PU as it is commonly known, is a material often used to create a comfortable and durable floor that is easy to clean and maintain. Unlike epoxy, polyurethane is a more flexible material, which gives polyurethane different properties.

Polyurethane floors consist of two components; polyurethane and a hardener. When the two components are mixed in the right proportions, it can be laid as a durable and easy-to-clean seamless floor.

If you choose a polyurethane floor, you get a floor that has a good load-bearing capacity with an easy-to-clean surface. The floor is seamless, so there are no joints or seams where dirt and dust can collect and cause a poorer indoor climate. The advantage of a polyrethane floor is that it has a sound dampening effect, making it ideal as a floor covering for institutions, schools, kindergartens, busy corridors and many other construction projects.

Polyurethane is a soft rubber flooring that is comfortable to walk on. It provides a good level of comfort, whether you need a soft surface to play on or a good level of comfort for long hours of upright work.

PU floors have a higher heat resistance than e.g. epoxy and can also withstand steam cleaning. This provides a good opportunity to maintain good hygiene and makes the floor suitable for e.g. Hospitals, industrial kitchens and many other applications where hygiene is required.


Good abrasion resistance


Good sound insulation


Good impact resistance

Excellent ease of use

Low VOC emissions

Many colour options

Properties that prevent cracking

The choice of polyurethane coating is based on the major advantages of the system

This is because the floor is durable, resilient and aesthetic all at once – and colors and solutions can meet specific design needs. At the same time, this floor is noise-reducing and comfortable to walk on.

Selected Polyurethane projects

” The collaboration with Areo has in every conceivable way been a fantastic experience. Both with the project management, which is highly competent and solution-oriented throughout the ENTIRE process, has created the perfect framework for the execution in collaboration with the construction management and at the interdisciplinary level. And the team that has been responsible for the execution, which has complied with all agreements to the letter, and has been adaptable in our dynamic construction pace. A professional partner who has delivered within time, budget and quality.”

Construction architect Michael Degn from Operaparkfonden

Our Polyurethane coatings

Areo PU Clinic TerrazzoAreo PU CoatAreo PU ComfortAreo PU Comfort PlusAreo PU Crete StandardAreo PU Crete IndustryAreo Cardeck ID PlusAreo Cardeck IDAreo Cardeck EDAreo PU Smooth Runways
Solvent free
Diffusion-open coating
Easy to clean
Minimal maintenance
Aesthetic appearance
Noise reduction
Withstands heavy loads
Resists high thermal loads
High chemical resistance
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More About PU

What color?

Another advantage of PU flooring is that it offers design freedom, as it is available in as many colors as there are RAL color codes. This gives the freedom to design and meet the needs that should arise in the execution of the floor. Therefore, the colors in an e.g. a company logo will match the color of the floor and give a well-thought-out and thoughtful impression of a company, institution or anything else. With a PU floor, there is a wide range of design options.

A PU floor offers a number of advantages as polyurethane is a durable material that provides a long-lasting and economical solution.

What is the price of polyurethane flooring?

As there are as many solutions as there are construction projects, it is not possible to give a fixed price. The price depends on many different factors, including m2, how many rooms and which system is chosen. That’s why we offer our nationwide experts to come to you, where you can assess the scope of the task together and we will send you a non-binding offer. So contact us right away and we will try to meet your needs in the best possible way.



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