Areo PU Comfort Plus

Areo Polyurethane (PU) Comfort Plus is a seamless polyurethane floor covering with a built-in rubber mat. Like Areo PU Comfort, Areo PU Comfort Plus is used in places with high demands on aesthetics, comfort and sound absorption. Therefore, public institutions such as nursing homes, hospitals, schools and kindergartens are buyers of the product. The system has a smooth surface, which can also be supplied with a matte finish.

Areo PU Comfort Plus is used in places where a beautiful visual appearance is important. The design adds extra dimensions in terms of noise and sound absorption, creating a high level of comfort for users.

The material

Areo PU Comfort Plus is a polyurethane (PU) flooring system that is UV resistant. "Plus" refers to a rubber mat that ensures that the floor is noise and sound absorbing. The material has a smooth surface and can also be supplied with a matte finish. The flooring system is supplied in 7-10 mm. Also available with 6 mm rubber mat.


A noise and sound absorbing flooring system with a high level of comfort.

Colors and shades

The coating can be supplied in almost all RAL colors.


Areo PU Comfort Plus has a smooth surface and is also available with a matt or satin finish.

Practical Info

Please note that before laying Areo coatings, the developer must ensure that the temperature of the substrate is the same in all rooms and does not exceed 20 degrees (ideally 15-18°C). Large windows should be covered to prevent direct sunlight - this is especially true during hot summer days. All these factors - together but also individually - can potentially cause color differences in the final result. Special attention should be paid to areas with underfloor heating. The underfloor heating must be switched off min. 48 hours (new construction min. 72 hours) before starting work on a new coating.

Material supplier

BASF A/S og Sika Danmark A/S


  • Topcoat
  • Wear layer
  • Pore closure
  • Mat
  • Primer incl. sand
Product construction


Jointless coating
Solvent free
Diffusion-open coating
Easy to clean
Minimal maintenance
Aesthetic appearance
Noise reduction
Withstands Heavy Loads
Resists High Thermal Loads
High chemical resistance

Impact sound attenuation

15 dB
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