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The foundation for the finished floor

Areo Undergulve manages the entire construction of the subfloor

A subfloor is a term for a surface that forms a base for the actual floor. At Areo Subfloors, we are experts in poured subfloors – including foam concrete and floating mortar. A well-fitted subfloor has an impact on the quality of the finished floor. Among other things, a subfloor ensures a longer life on the floor, it reduces the risk of moisture damage, it strengthens the floor, provides a better flatness and, not least, the subfloor ensures better sound and heat insulation.

Example of workflow of 1,000-1,200 m2 deployment:

  • Week 1: Taking over punctures – pre-registration
    • 2 days for preparation and levelling/height adjustment and setting up of edging
    • 1 day for laying foam concrete (5-7 days drying time depending on height)
    • Process and execution control
  • Week 2:
    • 2-3 days for laying underfloor heating panels (EPS)
    • Process and execution control
    • Heating hoses are installed by the plumbing contractor
  • Week 3:
    • Thin plastering (1,000-1,200 m2 per day)
    • Process and execution control

Control from start to finish

Quality assurance from Inspectly (i-control) and documentation.

  • At the start, the KS handbook and control plans are sent
  • Performs pre-registrations prior to start-up at the site per stage
  • Performs process and execution control during layout
  • Final inspection after each layer has been laid out
  • Submits all documentation and uploads after completion of work

Foam concrete


Underfloor heating panels


Slurry mortar


Design flooring

Laying with pump truck

With paving using Areo’s own pumping truck, the entire paving process is streamlined. The material is mixed directly on the construction site, and unnecessary waiting time for materials and overproduction are therefore avoided, while at the same time the price per laid m2 is more cost effective. In addition to installing sub-floors, our employees can also carry out a selection of different top coverings.

Reference projects

“The cooperation with Areo Undergulve is extremely satisfactory. Areo works flexibly and is incredibly skilled. This is the first time we have worked with foam concrete and it has been nothing but positive for us. This is by no means the last time we choose Areo to carry out subfloors for our projects.”

Project manager from Færch & Co, Andreas Munch

More on subfloors

Construction of sub-floors

Foam concrete and slurry mortar are used for building and leveling subfloors. Areo are experts in supplying and casting thin screed-based subfloors for renovation, modernization and new construction projects.

Areo delivers to construction projects throughout Denmark. Our fitters are specially trained and can therefore operate the pump truck and carry out preparatory work, preparation and laying. This means we can always ensure high-quality delivery and fast and efficient laying of foam concrete and slurry mortar. In connection with the construction of the entire subfloor, we lay out sound mats (sound attenuation) or underfloor heating ncluding sound attenuation, where heating hoses are mounted on the underfloor heating plates by the plumbing contractor.

We offer subfloor installation to suit many different types of flooring, such as hardwood floors, linoleum floors, epoxy floors or carpets.

Safety and environmental friendliness

Areo uses NFM’s various cement and gypsum-based products, which are third-party controlled by the Danish Technological Institute. The products meet the applicable health and material requirements, as well as the flooring industry’s requirements and specifications for subfloor construction.

Why choose Areo Subfloors

At Areo Subfloors, we are involved from start to finish in the construction of the subfloor. We have several years of experience in consulting and execution, so we can provide you with the best conditions in both the decision-making process and on site. Our suppliers are CE-marked and comply with all EU standards.

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