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Slurry mortar


Self-leveling subfloor

A floating mortar/thin plaster subfloor is a self-leveling subfloor construction

At Areo, we use our own pump truck to lay the self-leveling subfloor. This means that we mix the product directly on site. This allows us to pump and spread up to 55 tons of liquid mortar per day, producing only the material we need. Therefore, choosing this type of subfloor can save you time and money.


Facts about Areo liquid mortar/thin plaster:

  • Possibility of cement-based & gypsum-based floating mortars
  • Compressive strength from C25 to C40 & surface tensile strength >1,5 Mpa
  • Drying time on dry substrate about 1 mm per 24 hours – the drying time assumes a climate of about 20°C and a certain air flow.
  • Can be walked on after approx. 2-10 hours depending on thickness
  • Used for screeding in new construction, renovation of residential and office spaces.

Cement-based or gypsum-based

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Areo Cem Flyt

Areo Cem Flyt Snabb


Product sheet – Cem Flyt

Product sheet – Cem Flyt Snabb

Product sheet – Ronasil

Cem Flyt Safety Data Sheet

Cem Flyt Snabb Safety Data Sheet

Ronasil Safety Data Sheet

Laying with pump truck

Save time and use Areo’s cement- or gypsum-based floating mortars delivered by pump truck

More about Liquid mortar

What is slurry/liquid mortar?

Floating mortar or thin plaster is a generic term for a self-leveling subfloor made of cement. The floor can be used as a screed if a structure has been warped or if a slope is required. In addition, a subfloor made of this type of product can be used as an extra layer in the floor construction, which can ensure a long-lasting durability of the finished floor. When Areo’s thin plaster is used, it helps to ensure the wear resistance and durability of the finished floor.

The good properties of slurry mortar

For specific slope structures, slurry mortar is an ideal choice as the product is self-leveling. The product has many different design options because it is designed to accommodate all flooring types. Both classics such as wooden floors and tiles, but also the more modern, hard-wearing and seamless coverings such as epoxy and polyurethane floors.

Why choose Areo Undergulve?

At Areo, we have years of experience in laying and installing subfloors. We have our own pumping truck on site, so we can lay a well-fitted subfloor quickly and efficiently. If a top coating is also required, we also offer a wide range of seamless floors. We therefore guarantee the quality of the floor from top to bottom.

What products do we use?

There are several different product types within slurry/ thin-set mortar. Above you can see our different products and read which product specifications each product has. In addition, it is possible to view our product sheets, which are aimed at the well-informed reader who requires slightly more technical specifications.

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