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Areo can pump materials for subfloor construction from a pump truck, and with our own storage capacity from our residence in Central Jutland, we can be ready at short notice for both small and large pumping tasks.

We offer the laying of wearing course / screed for floor leveling of subfloors around Denmark.
Areo lays the following floor materials via pump truck:

  • Cement-based floating mortar – also called thin plaster.
  • Anhydrite – is gypsum-based and shrink-free.
  • Foam concrete – lightweight concrete filler that is easy to handle and makes fewer demands on structures.
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Claus Pedersen

areo pump truck

Areo daily capacity is the following:

  • Liquid mortar/thin plaster and anhydrite – we apply up to about 55 tons per day.
  • Foam concrete – we lay up to 125-135 m3 per day, depending on the thickness of the floor.
  • The pump truck itself carries up to 23 tons – if the need is greater, a bulk truck is sent with the remaining tonnage.

We have specially trained craftsmen in our flooring team.

– also possible to be delivered ex hose.

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