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Yellow epoxy floor from Areo won in the program Nybyggerne on Tv2

Home builders Anne and Simon won their house in the TV2 housing program Nybyggerne.

Epoxy flooring from Areo won in TV2 program

The winners have been found

The winners of the TV2 program Nybyggerne 2013 have been found. The pair with the yellow epoxy floor, supplied by Areo, won! Denmark has voted and found the winners of Tv2’s housing program Nybyggerne. Areo supplied epoxy floors for the housing program where the prize was a house – the biggest prize on Danish TV ever! Areo helped secure the prizes for the winners.

The house with the yellow door and yellow floor
Over the course of 9 weeks, the winning couple transformed a house with a bare interior into an inspiring and welcoming home for a family with young children.

Industrial floor for family house
The couple chose many exciting solutions. But especially the choice of industrial flooring, which is not typically associated with private homes, became their trademark. The door of the house was yellow and so was the floor. Areo laid yellow epoxy flooring in the kitchen area, gray epoxy flooring in the hallway and white in the living room. The result was a beautiful design floor that is also very easy to maintain and keep clean.

Read more about the project “The yellow epoxy floor of new buildings”. Contact Areo for advice on your flooring project.

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