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New floors and coving at biotech company

Companies in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries can rest assured with floors that meet all hygiene requirements. Areo has the necessary skills to install high-quality floors, even in complicated conditions.

We are currently working on a project at the biotech company Novozymes for Hørlyck Entreprise A/S. Despite a small footprint, this project requires really good planning and project management.

A hygienic floor solution at Novozymes

At Novozymes, Areo installed a total of approximately 230 m2 of three-layer epoxy and hollow core.

This is a good and hygienic solution, as it prevents dirt and debris from accumulating in the rounded edges of the cavities, unlike before, when tiles were laid against the walls.

Bringing new ideas to the table

“Making coving was our suggestion,” says Søren Vestergaard Christensen. “Previously, they had tiles on the floors and up the walls, but we recommended making coving to make it easier to clean. Coving is rounded to avoid sharp edges where dirt can accumulate. It’s more hygienic,” he explains.

We master projects with high complexity

The task sounds simple, but it’s far from it. Production at Novozymes could not be paused during the project, so Areo’s work had to run in parallel. This means that there were short time slots to complete the task, which in turn places high demands on the planning, project management and execution of the work. At the same time, the installers had to be able to adapt and come up with good solutions, as there was no access to the production rooms before we started.

“Sometimes we ran into surprises that meant the task had to be solved in a different way than we had imagined. It takes good skills to come up with new solutions under pressure,” explains Søren Vestergaard Christensen, Production Manager at Areo.

“What Areo is good at is planning it properly with us so that things run smoothly as agreed. They deliver the agreed quality every time. It may sound easy, but it’s not. It requires professionalism and that the people doing it actually care about doing it right the first time,” explains Lars Hørlyck, CEO of Hørlyck Entreprise A/S, who has used Areo for a number of years for many different types of projects.

Learn more about the types of epoxy flooring projects we can solve for you.

Epoxy floor at biotech company
areo office

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