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On May 21, 2019, the Standing Committee on Construction held a meeting. Following the meeting, several media related to the construction industry have described the challenges that can arise when EPS concrete is used in new construction and renovation of existing buildings. See links to the articles at the bottom of the article.

laying of foam concrete
Foam concrete

The meeting concluded that there may be a significant risk associated with the use of EPS concrete,
when used in the construction of floor structures.
In several cases, the material has proved to be too weak to withstand the compressive loads,
that are likely to be in a floor structure. In addition, there have been cases where underfloor heating hoses
has cracked and moistened the floor.

There are currently no official rules or instructions defined for the use of EPS concrete.
This means that consultants and contractors have a significantly increased responsibility when they choose to use the material.

What are the options?

A good and durable alternative to EPS concrete is Foam Concrete from Areo Undergulve A/S.
Foam concrete is cement, water and an additive (foaming agent). Foam concrete is lightweight and therefore used for
leveling and construction of subfloors when a lightweight structure is needed.

Facts about foam concrete

– Foam concrete is heat and sound insulating.
– Foam concrete is water-reduced to provide minimal drying time – drying time is about 10 mm per day.
– Foam concrete is workable after 1 day.
– Foam concrete is laid in layers from 50 mm to 600 mm.
– Foam concrete is produced in our own pump truck and production is continuous on site.
– Foam concrete is CE marked EN 13 813 according to the Construction Products Regulation of the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Housing.

Areo Undergulve A/S – Subfloors for construction projects throughout Denmark

We can quickly and efficiently lay foam concrete, liquid mortar/thin plaster for subfloors and floor screed throughout Denmark.
At the same time, we lay DGNB-certified Scan Underlay acoustic fabric and 25 mm EPS boards, where heating pipes are attached.
This means that we take care of the entire subfloor structure.
Our trained crews and own pumping truck ensure high quality workmanship and the customer saves time and materials.

Link to article from Ingeniøren
Link to article from Building Supply

For a quote on subfloors, please contact us:
Areo Undergulve A/S: Claus Pedersen, or +45 51 63 18 76
Areo A/S: Michael Hougaard, or +45 25 12 74 36

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