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Sealing/closing voids and cracks in concrete, masonry, foundations

Areo uses injections when concrete cracks, becomes porous or affected by water – it must be stopped in time before it becomes permanent. The cracks in concrete are filled with epoxy or polyurethane under high pressure to make it dense, strong and resistant again.

It is a method that is a faster alternative to reinforcement than replacing entire concrete structures and concrete surfaces. Injection is also for carrying out major maintenance work on walls and floors.

We perform various injection tasks on e.g. concrete floors, walls – both indoors and outdoors, footings, concrete decks, pools, balconies, basements, wells, bridges and tunnels.


Save time and money


Regain the strength of the structure

A sustainable solution

Save time and money with injection

Replacing an entire concrete structure can be both expensive and unnecessary. Therefore, at Areo, we offer to seal the cracks with either epoxy or polyurethane under high pressure. This helps the structure regain its original strength

More about Injection

What is injection?

Grouting is a technique used to repair cracks and voids in concrete, masonry and foundations. In addition, injection can stop water leaks at pipe penetrations, casting joints or poorly cast concrete. Areo injects by drilling holes around the leaks. Then valves, also called nipples, are inserted into the holes. Epoxy or polyurethane is pumped through the nipples until the leak is stopped and any voids are filled.

Save time and money

Concrete structures and screeds are continuously exposed to different types of loads. This can lead to cracking. If the cracks are not repaired in time, they can cause permanent damage. Areo is experiencing an increasing demand for injection – because rather than replacing the entire concrete structure, injecting saves time and money. It is possible to restore the original strength and function of the structure when cracks are properly sealed with the right products.


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