Areo Cem Flyt Fiber

Self-leveling screed.
Can be walked on after 2-4 hours / layer thickness 5-50 mm / compressive strength C25 / surface tensile strength >1,5 Mpa.
Adhesion strength > 1,0 MPa to coating.

Areas of application:
Recommended for use in new construction, renovation of homes and office spaces.
Suitable substrates are concrete, lightweight concrete and stone/ceramic. After laying Areo Cem Flyt Fiber, the substrate is ready for other floor coverings.

Practical info

When applying in several layers, priming must always be done between the respective layers. Wait at least 2 hours before priming and check that the surface is dry enough to allow the primer to soak into the substrate. Mixing ratio: Primer is mixed with 1:5 parts water when priming.

Pre-treatment: The substrate must be clean, dry and free from dust, cement slurry and other impurities - vacuum the floor, then apply primer. The room must be heated to more than +10°C and the following days after application.

Spreading by pump truck: The mass is pumped out in lanes.

Drying time - on a dry surface: Drying time is 1 mm per 24 hours at an indoor climate of about 20 gr.

areo office

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