Suitable waterproofing & Durable solution

Membranes play an important role in the construction of bridges and path systems

To ensure that bridges and pathway systems are safe, durable and can withstand the various impacts to which they are exposed, it is important to choose the right materials and construction methods. An important factor in this context is the choice of an appropriate membrane solution.

Membranes are essential to protect bridges and path systems from water ingress and prevent damage to concrete and steel structures. They also protect against corrosion and extend the life of the bridge.

We use a system suitable for membrane coating, which is characterized by its high flexibility, slip resistance and abrasion resistance. The membrane coating can be applied and cures quickly, which is a major advantage in tight schedules. That way, the next stage of the construction process can proceed quickly. Furthermore, this solution is not dependent on long periods of good weather at the time of application, as it may be affected by precipitation already about 30 min after application.

Joint insulation

Fast and short drying time

Withstands heavy loads


ETA approved system

Protect the bridge with the right membrane solution

We understand the importance of choosing the right membrane solution for bridges and trail systems, and we are dedicated to delivering high quality that ensures the bridge and trail system is protected from damage for many years to come.

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ETA certification

At Areo, we are a certified bridge membrane company with ETA (European Technical Assessment) approved type V system

Bromine membranes

It is important to ensure a durable and road-safe bridge deck. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the structural elements of the bridge against water ingress and damage by applying appropriate waterproofing to the bridge and tunnel decks, which can protect the underlying load-bearing elements against water seepage.

A waterproofing membrane is typically used to achieve this purpose. Note that the membrane must be protected in order to maintain its performance for many years.

At Areo, we use an ETA-approved system, which involves a membrane that is applied in multiple layers and cures to form a strong and flexible coating. This system ensures high resistance to water, UV radiation and chemicals, making it suitable for use in extreme climate conditions and in high traffic areas.

3D drawing Bromine membrane waterproofing under asphalt
Figure 1: Waterproofing for roadway on bridges under asphalt
3D drawing membrane including finished coating
Figure 2: Finished pavement including waterproofing for sidewalks and cycle paths
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