Areo A/S uses a newer ETA-approved type 5 waterproofing for bridge renovation

Faster drying time

Replacing coatings and waterproofing on a bridge cannot be done without inconveniencing road users, as the bridge must be shut down while the material dries.

However, there are differences in how long such a shutdown needs to last:

“Unlike previous types of waterproofing, which consist of roofing felt, type 5 waterproofing needs to be rolled on. It dries faster, so you can move on to laying the asphalt layer. This shortens the construction period,” says Jens Hougaard, co-owner of Areo A/S.

ETA-approved Type 5 waterproofing on the Sallingsund Bridge

When the Sallingsund Bridge reopens for normal traffic after almost four years of renovation work, it will be with this newer type of waterproofing; type 5.

Areo, invited by Arkil A/S as a subcontractor in the extensive renovation work, has been responsible for ensuring that the waterproofing meets the many requirements of the Danish Road Directorate. This means, among other things, that the waterproofing must be ETA-approved.

“The task has been complex and not without challenges, but overall we have succeeded because of the strong team we have assembled in Areo and our strong focus on professional development of our employees,” explains Jens Hougaard.

“We had some bumps in the road in the first stage, but all approvals are now in place using our specially developed quality assurance program that meets the requirements of the Danish Road Directorate,” says Jens Hougaard, emphasizing that Areo has also used this waterproofing on other bridges across the country.

Tackcoat machine and plastic coating on sidewalks and bike paths

It’s not just the waterproofing that Areo has been responsible for in the renovation of the Sallingsund Bridge. The plastic paving of sidewalks and bike paths is also part of the project, as is the application of tack coat using a special machine by Areo.

Despite challenges with rain and wind, Areo managed to complete the approximately 30,000 m2 project within the agreed deadline, and the bridge is expected to be fully reopened during November 2023.

areo office

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