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In the new housing series, Nybyggerne, four families compete for a house – the biggest prize on Danish TV ever! And AREO is there to provide seamless floors.

Nybyggerne is the name of a new housing series on Tv2, which premiered on Wednesday, October 9 at 20:50 and will be shown every Wednesday on Tv2 until early December with host Peter Ingemann. The series is the big news of the fall and will at its conclusion mark Tv2’s 25th anniversary, as the last broadcast culminates in a big live show, which will be broadcast live from Christiansmindeparken in Kolding on Wednesday d. December 4, 2013. The concept itself is unique on Danish TV, and involves four selected families moving into their own new house in Christiansmindeparken, in the southern part of Kolding. The outside of the houses are finished, but the inside is raw, so it will be up to the participants to finish all surfaces, fixtures, furnishings and design. The same goes for the garden, which also needs creative landscaping. The only limit is the participants’ imagination and a disposable income of DKK 350,000. More about The settlers…

AREO wants to inspire

We can’t wait to see how the participants have each chosen to decorate their patio villas. We are also looking forward to showcasing the interior design with our seamless floors. Our goal is to inspire other families in Denmark to embrace a new trend in home flooring and decorate their homes with stylish floors that match the modern building style.

Jointless floors create a new trend

There is a lot of scope for personalization and creativity with seamless flooring, whether it’s epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, seamless terrazzo, floating mortar or polished concrete. These floor coverings have already gained popularity among architects, consultants and builders for large projects, while the Danish family has also slowly started to open their eyes to them and the possibilities for their use in private homes.

Seamless floors offer great freedom and a host of benefits

When it comes to seamless flooring, the only limit is your imagination. There is a great deal of freedom associated with them. With seamless flooring solutions, you can join several rooms together and create a floor surface that looks large and light at the same time. There are almost no limitations in terms of colors. With soundproofing floor systems, you can regulate the acoustics in the house so that you can completely replace the special ceilings or walls traditionally used for this purpose. The hardness of the floor can also be adjusted using built-in rubber mats. Options to make the floor softer have a positive impact on ergonomics by reducing back strain. The floor’s abrasion resistance is also included. Since seamless flooring solutions are, as the name reveals, completely jointless, they are very easy to keep clean and thus help to keep hygiene at its best.

Wide potential for use in private homes

There is no room in your home where seamless flooring cannot be used. Traditionally, in the past, it has been the garage, utility room, cellar or a wine cellar where you could find a surface with sanded concrete or with some epoxy paint. Typically, the color choice was more on the dull side. Now there are technologies and flooring solutions that allow the rest of the house to benefit from seamless flooring. Including wet rooms – utility room, bathroom and toilet. Here, seamless and waterproof flooring systems can be used to great advantage.

Read more about the yellow epoxy flooring of the yellow winning family from The New Builders. You can also be inspired by the family from Jelling who chose seamless flooring for their home.

Get inspiration about our residential flooring on our website and/or write to us for advice on your flooring project.

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